Coronavirus quarantine: Animals meet at the zoo

Published on the 26.03.2020. | By: Neringa Utaraitė During the corona crisis, caretakers around the world have been showing animals at their zoo or aquarium the enclosures of other animals from a visitors’ perspective. Many animals saw each other for the very first time – even totally different species. » to the full article

The conservation movement is under attack

Published on the 07.08.2020. | By: Dr. Robin Ganzert The consequences of the lockdown for zoos and aquariums due to the coronavirus pandemic weigh heavily. Only if these institutions are supported, will comprehensive conservation continue to be possible. » to the full article

Hellabrunn Zoo May Increase Number of Visitors

Published on the YouTube channel “Nachrichten München” the 06.08.2020. In the interview, zoo director Rasem Baban explains that thanks to the city of Munich, more visitors may now visit Hellabrunn Zoo, which is suffering greatly under the coronavirus lockdown. » to the full video