Krefeld Zoo Decides to Build New “Ape Park”

Published on the 23.01.2020. | By: Yvonne Brandt In the next couple of years a new project will arise at Krefeld Zoo: the Ape Park, a centre for conservation. The huge generosity regarding donations has shown those responsible, that the majority of people wish for a new great ape husbandry at the zoo. » […]

Who are the protagonists of the animal rights movement?

The founder of modern animal ethics is the Australian philosopher Peter Singer, who developed the conceptual, philosophical and political foundations of the animal rights movement with his books “Animal Liberation” (1975) and “Practical Ethics” (1984).

Should We Get Rid of Zoos?

Published on the 21.01.2020. To deal with this question the article addresses the theses made by Colin Goldner from the GAP and contrasts them with those of Theo Pagel, director of Cologne Zoo. » to the full article