Lori Marino causes great harm to science

Published on escholarship.org in March 2020. | By: Kathleen M. Dudzinski, Heather M. Hill, Annalisa Zaccaroni, Radhika Makecha, Malin Lilley, Javier Almunia, Erin Frick, Todd Feucht, Grey Stafford, and Charles I. Abramson Renowned experts prove that dolphinarium opponent Lori Marino made mistakes in a scientific commentary regarding her assessment of the husbandry of orcas under […]

Deciphering Deep Diving Dolphins

Published on Zoo Logic’s Facebook page the 05.09.2019. | By: Dr. Grey Stafford Dolphins near the shore seldom dive more than 10 metres deep, offshore dolphins however, dive much deeper. Together with other scientists, whale expert Dr. Andreas Fahlman gets to the bottom of these differences. » more

Oh, Canada!

Published on the Facebook page “Zoo Logic” the 20.06.2019. | By: Dr. Grey Stafford with Dr. Kelly Jaakkola, Dr. Jason Bruck & Mark Simmons In the podcast, four experts on animal, species and nature conservation as well as on whale research, rank Canada’s decision against comprehensive whale protection. » more