Should We Get Rid of Zoos?

Published on the 21.01.2020. To deal with this question the article addresses the theses made by Colin Goldner from the GAP and contrasts them with those of Theo Pagel, director of Cologne Zoo. » to the full article

Krefeld Zoo: How to handle a shitstorm?

Published on the 15.11.2019. | By: Jens Voos The author praises the reaction of Krefeld Zoo during a shitstorm regarding the hunt of a fox, that has taken the lives of several zoo animals. » more

Fire at Krefeld’s Ape House is Tried Before the Courts

Published on the 15.08.2020. | By: Silvio Harnos In connection with the news, that the fire at Krefeld Zoo‘s ape house will now now be tried before the courts, the public prosecutor’s office has established that no construction laws were broken. » to the full article