Pontoon to Save Stranded Cetaceans

Published on teneriffa-aktuell.com the 03.07.2020. The Company Woosung Inflatable Boat Europe (ZEBEC), which produces floats for Siam Park, has developed a prototype of a pontoon for whales and donated it to the Loro Parque Fundación. » to the full article

Dr. Javier Almunia is Reelected President of the AIZA

Published on teneriffa-aktuell.com the 19.05.2020. Dr. Javier Almunia, Director of the Loro Parque Fundación, was reelected President of the Iberian association for zoos and aquaria, the Asociación Ibérica de Zoos y Acuarios (AIZA). » to the full article

Visser in Brussels: a story full of lies

Exclusively for zoos.media – 24th of July in 2018. Author: Philipp J. Kroiß Ingrid Visser, a radical activist of the Free Morgan Foundation was, in front of an EU commission in Brussels, massively misinforming politicians and her followers about the orca Morgan, her attitude and legal foundations.