Loro Parque Live – Dolphins

Published on Loro Parque’s YouTube channel the 22.12.2020. | By: Rafael Zamora Rafael Zamora, Scientific Director of Loro Parque Fundación, takes visitors on a trip to the Lagoon of the zoo in Tenerife, where they can visit the dolphins. » to the full video

Wuppertal Zoo: Loro Parque visits Aralandia

Published on the Facebook page Gemeinschaft der Zooförderer the 06.11.2020. The Conservation Officer of the Loro Parque Fundación (LPF) in Tenerife, Wolfgang Rades, has visited Aralandia at the Wuppertal Green Zoo and has received a cheque, to promote the conservation of parrots. » to the full post

Pontoon to Save Stranded Cetaceans

Published on teneriffa-aktuell.com the 03.07.2020. The Company Woosung Inflatable Boat Europe (ZEBEC), which produces floats for Siam Park, has developed a prototype of a pontoon for whales and donated it to the Loro Parque Fundación. » to the full article

Dr. Javier Almunia is Reelected President of the AIZA

Published on teneriffa-aktuell.com the 19.05.2020. Dr. Javier Almunia, Director of the Loro Parque Fundación, was reelected President of the Iberian association for zoos and aquaria, the Asociación Ibérica de Zoos y Acuarios (AIZA). » to the full article