Auckland Zoo: Pioneers of Red Panda Protection

Pubished on the 25.06.2021. | By: Danica Wolfe The article acknowledges Auckland Zoo‘s commitment to protecting red pandas, which have become even more endangered than the famous giant pandas. » to the full article

Tired? Nop: Why leopards, pandas, and co. yawn

Published on the YouTube channel of Zoo Vienna the 01.06.2021. An interesting study on yawning was carried out at Zoo Vienna – the findings are very interesting. Without zoos, it would have been impossible to carry out. » to the full video

Dear San Diego, Thank You for Saving Pandas

Published on the 31.03.2019. | By: Jenna Deedy The zoo in San Diego announced, that it will return its famous giant pandas back to China, and thus sadly end their stay at the zoo. In the article, the author thanks the zoo, for its exceptional and important dedication to wildlife conservation.

Coronavirus quarantine: Animals meet at the zoo

Published on the 26.03.2020. | By: Neringa Utaraitė During the corona crisis, caretakers around the world have been showing animals at their zoo or aquarium the enclosures of other animals from a visitors’ perspective. Many animals saw each other for the very first time – even totally different species. » to the full article

Zoos & aquariums: New Noah’s Arks

Published on the 27.06.2019. | By: Aurélie Vergne The article stresses the importance of modern zoos and aquariums and their significance especially for conservation.