Outdoor Shooting for the Animal Trainer Course

Published on atn-ag.de the 14.10.2020. | By: Annabelle Steiger A report about the shooting with renowned animal trainer Peter Giljam from Zoospensefull, whose articles loyal followers of zoos.media have often been able to read. » to the full article

Changing Your Relationship Status

Published on zoospensefull.com the 07.09.2020. | By: Peter Giljam Good animal training is based on the relationship between human and animal. The article takes a look at how the status of a relationship can also change. » to the full article

Count Your Behaviours for More Success

Published on zoospensefull.com the 27.07.2020. | By: Peter Giljam The experienced animal trainer explains why counting behaviours makes sense and contributes to more success with animal training at the zoo, amongst other places. » to the full article

The Fine Art of Mimicry

Published on zoospensefull.com the 27.01.2020. | By: Peter Giljam Mimikry is an animal training technique, extensively explained in the article – also with regards to the training of animals at modern zoos and aquariums. » to the full article

Is An End Of Session Signal Effective?

Published on zoospensefull.com the 23.12.2019. | By: Peter Giljam How effective is a signal indicating the end of your training session? The author, who is a renowned animal trainer in the zoo sector but also beyond it, tackles this question in the article. » more

A Whole Lot of History

Published on zoospensefull.com the 09.12.2019. | By: Peter Giljam An article that speaks about the importance of knowing each animal’s history and that of it’s training, in order to successfully train it, be it at a zoo or elsewhere. » more