Baltimore Aquarium: Farce about a Sanctuary

Published on on 05/09/2019 | Author: Philipp J. Kroiß, Translation: Loro Parque The planned construction of a sanctuary by the Baltimore Aquarium is increasingly becoming a smear show of excuses. The next act of this tragedy is the subject of this article.

Is Big Cat Rescue a prison?

Published on the Facebook page of BCR Watch the 07.07.2019. The “sanctuary” Big Cat Rescue promulgates hatred against zoos, because they keep animals in cages, whilst keeping its own animals in cages – only significantly more poorly than certified and accredited zoological facilities.

Zoos help stranded dolphins

Published on the 11.04.2019. | By: Susanne Gugeler Dolphins repeatedly face hardship – the La Plata dolphins, who are under the protection of Yaqu Pacha, as well – a new sanctuary and rehabilitation centre is to be created. » more