Zoo Francfort: departure into the future

Published on fr.de the 13.11.2018. | By: Thomas Stillbauer Francfort is currently working on the plan “Zookunft 2030+” – the concept study is funded by means of the KfW-foundation and the Zoo Francfort foundation. » more

What tasks does a zoo have?

The fact that zoological gardens try to protect endangered species from extinction through breeding programs is well known. But they also have other tasks.

How many animals live in zoos?

Previously, zoos aimed to have the most extensive collection of species possible. Today animal welfare is the top priority.

Since when do zoos exist?

The Zoological Gardens have a long history of a thousand years. Only a few of the former institutions still exist today.

Creeping over wild lions

Published on uni-frankfurt.de the first half year of 2019. | By: Dr. Joachim Scholz The author outlines, also against the background of modern zoos, how animal-friendly husbandry in modern circuses can make important contributions to conservation. » more