Hannover Adventure Zoo: A Huge Patient

Published on zoo-hannover.de, summer 2019. Female elephant Manari was successfully treated at the Hannover Adventure Zoo by a team of veterinarian experts and got through the treatment exemplarily. » more

Hannover Adventure Zoo: Truly different experiences

Published on zoo-hannover.de, summer 2019. In the article, Hannover Adventure Zoo presents its Scout-Safaris, which offer a different experience to classical guided tours through zoos and which are a wonderful and educational experience. » more

Does Welfare Fail Animals in Zoos?

Exclusively for zoos.media – 11-01-2018. Author: Philipp J. Kroiß Jessica Pierce and Marc Beckhoff authored an article claiming that “Welfare Fails Animals in Zoos”. Is this really true? We looked at the scientific facts and the background of the authors, too.