Zoo Vienna: We are looking for helpers!

Published on Zoo Vienna’s YouTube channel the 18.11.2021. Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna offers a wonderful space for volunteering – currently, the zoo is looking for more helpers who enjoy the zoo and its facets. » to the full video

Zoo Vienna: Kibali has passed away

Published on the YouTube of Zoo Vienna the 10.07.2021. Shock at Zoo Vienna: the young elephant Kibali suddenly dropped to the floor and was dead. A huge loss for the zoo in Vienna and conservation worldwide.

Zoo Vienna: A great one is no longer with us

Published on the YouTube channel of Zoo Vienna the 15.05.2021. Zoo Vienna bids farewell to the senior giraffe Kimbar, tells his story and reports about the age-appropriate care that he received. » to the full video

Vienna Zoo hit hard by Covid-19 crisis

Published on the YouTube channel of  Schönbrunn Zoo the 11.03.2021. In the video, zoo director Dr. Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck talks about how the lockdown has affected the oldest zoo in the world, Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna. » to the full video

Typically Vienna: A tour around the House of the Sea!

Published on the Facebook page of the House of the Sea the 07.08.2021. What has changed lately in the House of the Sea? A lot! You can see all the changes in this tour of the famous former flak tower in Vienna’s 6th district. » to the full contribution