Changing Your Relationship Status

Published on the 07.09.2020. | By: Peter Giljam Good animal training is based on the relationship between human and animal. The article takes a look at how the status of a relationship can also change. » to the full article

Count Your Behaviours for More Success

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Emergency Animal Recall Training at San Diego Zoo

Published on the 15.06.2020. | By: Nicki Boyd Animals can also be trained for an emergency. San Diego Zoo is now training emergency recall behaviours with its dangerous animals, to ensure they are under control during an emergency. » to the full article

Top 6 Zookeeper Qualities

Published on the 06.04.2020. | By: Grant Kother What makes a good zookeeper? Although there is no simple answer to this question, the article discusses the top 6 qualities that are undoubtedly important. » to the full article

The Fine Art of Mimicry

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Is An End Of Session Signal Effective?

Published on the 23.12.2019. | By: Peter Giljam How effective is a signal indicating the end of your training session? The author, who is a renowned animal trainer in the zoo sector but also beyond it, tackles this question in the article. » more