Is An End Of Session Signal Effective?

Published on the 23.12.2019. | By: Peter Giljam How effective is a signal indicating the end of your training session? The author, who is a renowned animal trainer in the zoo sector but also beyond it, tackles this question in the article. » more

A Whole Lot of History

Published on the 09.12.2019. | By: Peter Giljam An article that speaks about the importance of knowing each animal’s history and that of it’s training, in order to successfully train it, be it at a zoo or elsewhere. » more

Who is training Who?

Published on the 21.10.2019. | By: Peter Giljam What exactly happens during training at the zoo? If you take a detailed and not just superficial look at animal training, you might end up asking yourself who is training who. » more

The Intermediate Bridge VS Keep Going Signal

Published on the 08.07.2019. | By: Peter Giljam The “Intermediate Bridge” is a training principle, which developed at the same time as clicker training, it is also an exciting method of training animals under human care, for instance in zoos. » more

Zoos in the CYBER activism age

Published on the 20.05.2019. | By: Dr. Javier Almunia Times are changing for zoos – new media provides new opportunities, but also serious threats. The expert talks about this in the article. » more