Orca Show at SeaWorld | Photo: Business Navigatoren, License: CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

But Is Orca And Dolphin Captivity Actually Good For Conservation?

Published on dailycaller.com the 10.07.2019. | By: Ellie Gardey

The article contrasts the stance of radical PETA activists, with that of serious experts in the field of orca husbandry, thus further exploring the question of whether or not orca husbandry is actually good for conservation.

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Addition: Zoo Logic provides more information on the interview:

Note: An important precondition for all the experts say, is of course the continuous availability of a population under human care, possible only through breeding. Currently SeaWorld does not want this. Fortunately however, there are orca keepers wanting to preserve orcas in modern zoos and aquariums for the long term and SeaWorld‘s decision is not irrevocable either. Reading the article, one thing becomes clear: Without a future for orca breeding under human care, there will be no future for certain  wildlife populations of this fascinating species.

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