Gorilla with baby at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (2011) | Photo: Becker1999, license: CC BY 2.0

Captive-bred gorillas give birth in the wild: zoo

Published on france24.com the 29.06.2021.

Mayombe from the ZooParc de Beauval (France) and Djongo from the Port Lympne Safari Park (UK) have become parents in the Bateke Plateau National Park (Gabon).

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Note: The Port Lympne Safari Park is run by the Aspinall Foundation, which in turn is run by the animal rights activist and zoo opponent Damian Aspinall, who followed his father in this position. The foundation has not had a success like this one in many years, and it has had more than questionable projects.

Once again, zoos have had to correct this and after years of project mismanagement they have been able to achieve a major success. Aspinall, who is known for cuddling supposedly wild gorillas in videos that go viral, has now been able to see for himself how serious zoological gardens operate. Accordingly, we shall see whether he keeps trying to appease zoo opponents or changes his opinion and finally turns to serious conservation work.

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