Dem Schweinswal Levi konnten die Experten des Vancouver Aquarium die Chance auf ein zweites Leben geben. | Foto: Meighan Makarchuk, Mammal Rescue Centre

Cetacean ban could mean animals will now be killed

Published on the 24.03.2017. | By: Jill Slattery & Linda Aylesworth

The ban on cetaceans at the Vancouver Aquarium also affects rescued animals, this means the animals could now be killed instead of rescued – dreadful!

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Note: The original article uses the term euthanasia. Euthanizing an animal means to spare it inevitable suffering – like a severe disease. But this case is different, here, politicians choices force the killing of animals which could otherwise be saved. A completely different situation from euthanasia. It is a dreadful situation, for the team that wants to help an animal, to have to kill it instead, because of a political discussion arisen through populism.

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