Zoo Logic: From Animal Trainer to Zoo Director

Published on zoologic.libsyn.com the 18.08.2022. Last year, Will Elgar was named director of the zoo in Miami. In the interview with Dr Grey Stafford, he describes his diverse path toward this position. » to the full podcast episode

Outdoor Shooting for the Animal Trainer Course

Published on atn-ag.de the 14.10.2020. | By: Annabelle Steiger A report about the shooting with renowned animal trainer Peter Giljam from Zoospensefull, whose articles loyal followers of zoos.media have often been able to read. » to the full article

Animal Trainer Reacts to Comments

Published on the LADbible’s Facebook page the 28.09.2020. Animal trainer Thomas Chipperfield has come to know online hate. He now confronts the commentators and debunks typical myths about the husbandry of big cats in free contact. » to the full video

5 ways to grow as an animal trainer

Published on the Facebook page of Welfare and Husbandry Innovative Training the 21.08.2020. Growing as an animal trainer is essential in order to keep improving. This post shows five ways to reach this goal. » to the post

Why Orcas Made Me A Better Trainer

Published on zoospensefull.com the 09.05.2021. | By: Peter Giljam In the article, animal trainer Peter Giljam reports on how positively the time as an orca trainer in Loro Parque, Tenerife, influenced & helped him. » to the full article