BILD visits the new taxidermists at the Aquazoo

Published on the 23.01.2021. | By: Lisa Unverfert “They make everything immortal”, describes the author of the article, in which she provides insights into the exciting work of the new taxidermists at the Aquazoo.

Marion fights cancer with her camera

Published on the 07.04.2022. | By: Katja Derstroff The author accompanies Marion Ruhland to the ZOOM Adventure World in Gelsenkirchen as she pursues her passion: animal photography. It helps her through difficult times. » to the full article

The 100th Ape at Leipzig Zoo

Published on the 29.01.2022. | By: D. Beilke The 100th inhabitant was born in Pongoland at Leipzig Zoo. The article speaks about the installation and the animals, with a special focus on the chimpanzees. » to the full article

The dirty business with smuggled monkeys

Published on the 20.12.2021. | By: Katja Derstroff Illegal smuggling, amongst other things, poses a great threat to slow lorises – the article looks at the commitment to conservation in Dortmund Zoo. » to the full article