58 young storks are growing up at Basel Zoo

Published on tierwelt.ch the 29.05.2022. | By: Florian Böhlen This breeding season, 58 young birds have hatched at Zoo Basel, also known as “Zolli”, from the eggs of the returned storks. Wonderful news! » to the full article

Basel Zoo says “Thank you Basel!”

Published on zoobasel.ch the 13.02.2022. The Primate Initiative has failed: around 75% voted against fundamental rights for primates. A very clear vote against animal rights populism. » to the full article

Zoo Basel: African Lions in Kenya

Published on the YouTube channel of Zoo Basel the 06.10.2014. In this video, Zoo Basel informs about the work of its cooperation partner Big Life Foundation to protect lions in Kenya. » to the full video

A day at three zoos

Published on migrosmagazin.ch the 14.08.2019. | By: Yvonne Samaritani, Manuela Enggist & Nadia Barth An exciting report on various zoo-visits to Basel Zoo, Zoo Zürich and Zoo La Garenne. The report includes some thrilling stories about the zoos. » more