BNA on the regulation of wildlife imports

Published on the 20.10.2021. Numerous associations have rendered their opinion on a motion for a resolution of the Federal Council of Germany regarding the regulation of wildlife imports. » to the full statement

Import of wild animals: Save conservation!

Published on the 29.10.2021. | By: Jens Crueger & Lucas Müller A motion for a resolution to the Federal Council of Germany is causing a stir because it could massively weaken conservation – the podcast episode explains how exactly. » to the full podcast episode

Long live the circus and all its animals!

Published in Liberal, no. 3, 2013. Author: Michael Miersch The text deals with the discussions about the keeping of animals in the circus. While animal protectionists and some politicians are demanding the abolition of using wild animals in circuses, the author considers this demand unjustified. In addition, Miersch fears that this demand may soon be […]