COVID-19: WASTE becomes death trap for wildlife

Published on the 01.04.2021. Masks, gloves, and more are disposable goods. Unfortunately, people often dispose of them in nature and thus they come into contact with wild animals – dangerous! » to the full article

Vienna Zoo hit hard by Covid-19 crisis

Published on the YouTube channel of  Schönbrunn Zoo the 11.03.2021. In the video, zoo director Dr. Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck talks about how the lockdown has affected the oldest zoo in the world, Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna. » to the full video

Bavaria: Zoos report heavy losses in Covid-19 year

Published on the 10.12.2020. In Bavaria, the harsh lockdown policy has cost zoos millions. Only the future will show whether this hole will be compensated by the government or visitors having to pay for it through higher entrance fees.

COVID-19: A Story of Marine Mammals

Published on in July 2020. | By: Amber Dearden, Jennifer Chapman, Aroha Miller, Valeria Vergara, Marty Haulena, Lindsaye Akhurst, Lauren Dares & Amy Rowley How does the coronavirus crisis affect marine mammals? Experts from Ocean Wise have examined this more closely. » to the full article