Citizen Conservation – Husbandry Saves Species

Published on Husbandry saves species: that is what the preliminary results from 2019 of the project Citizen Conservation show, a project where private and professional animal keepers work together hand in hand against species extinction.

Creatures-Podcast: Deserta Grande wolf spider

Published on the YouTube channel of Citizen Conservation the 31.03.2022. | By: Jakob Hein A profile of the Deserta Grande wolf spider: the species is critically endangered and depends on conservation breeding under human care – such as in zoos and aquariums – to survive.

50th Anniversary of the Cologne Zoo Aquarium

Published on the Facebook page of Citizen Conservation the 19.11.2020. 2021 the Cologne Zoo Aquarium will be celebrating its 50th anniversary – for this occasion, the article takes a look at the past, but also the future of the aquarium. » to the post & article

Myna Dating & Amphibian Rescue

Published on the Facebook page of the ZGAP the 02.11.2020. Thanks to two articles in this publication of the ZGAP (Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations), you can learn more about the Myna-Dating-Centre in Marlow and the project Citizen Conservation respectively. » to the full post

Prof. Thomas Ziegler and the Cat Ba Tiger Gecko

Published on the Facebook page of Citizen Conservation the 01.05.2020. In the video Prof. Thomas Ziegler from Cologne Zoo, discoverer of the species, introduces the Cat Ba tiger gecko and announces a wonderful success regarding the conservation of this species.

Why Zoos Need Help From Amphibian-Fans

Published on the 04.03.2020. | By: Silke Schmidt-Thrö A report on the initiative Citizen Conservation, which connects zoological facilities and private keepers for the purpose of conservation and in particular conservation breeding.