A crocodile does not do much

Published on faz.net the 17.06.2021. | By: Rebecca Hahn Crocodiles might not do much, but what they do is extremely important for the ecosystem. That is why modern zoos and aquariums fight for their survival every day. » to the full article

Sound and Noise of the Oceans

Published on faz.net the 11.04.2021. | By: Rebecca Hahn The article provides exciting insights into the problem of noise pollution in the oceans – which is a huge problem for many species.

Return of the European pond turtle

Published on faz.net the 18.11.2019. Thanks to the conservation breeding of European pond turtles at zoos like the Opel-Zoo in Kronberg and Frankfurt Zoo the return of this species has been made possible. » more

Breeding red kite female poisoned

Published on szlz.de the 07.06.2019. A red kite nest would have probably stopped the nearby construction of a wind power plant. The local NABU chairman has a terrible suspicion.