Landau Zoo: Strong Commitment to Conservation

Published on the 21.03.2022. | By: Katja Decher In the article, you will find out a lot about Landau Zoo‘s commitment to conservation. Biologist Christina Schubert introduces the work with several different species. » to the full article

Instead of Covid-lockdown: Zoos bounce back

Published on the 26.07.2022. The article discusses the recovery of zoos after the government measures implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic, with a particular focus on Neuwied and Landau Zoo as well as the Animal Adventure Park Bell. » to the full article

How does a modern zoo work?

Published on the 02.08.2019. | By: Patrizian Bär Zoo-director Jens-Ove Heckel gives a fascinating insight before and behind the scenes of the Landau in der Pfalz Zoo, to show how a modern zoo works. » more