An Exhibition on the Return of the Wolf

Published on the 09.12.2019. The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) will be exhibiting „The Return of the Wolf“ at the animal park Bochum until the 23. February 2020 – important education.

How to deal with the wolf

Published on the 27.05.2019. The director of the German Wildlife Foundation gives his view on the return of the wolf to Germany and opens up prospects for the future.

Breeding red kite female poisoned

Published on the 07.06.2019. A red kite nest would have probably stopped the nearby construction of a wind power plant. The local NABU chairman has a terrible suspicion.

Zoo Dortmund: Release into the wild of the little owl

Published on the Facebook page of Zoo Dortmund the 02.01.2019. | By: Marcel Stawinoga Certain populations of the little owl (Athene noctua) are locally endangered. The animals are bred at zoos, to be released into the wild, as they are of utmost importance for ecosystems. Some have now been released by the Zoo Dortmund, in […]