Zoo Logic: Ghosted By PeTA

Publicado en zoologic.libsyn.com el 04.08.2022. | Por: Dr. Grey Stafford PETA wanted to appear on the Zoo Logic Podcast to promote a book written by PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk, but ended up cancelling. The full story in this episode. » to the episode

Why PETA Is A Nest Of Lies

Published on the Facebook page of Cracked.com the 10.06.2022. In this entertaining video, the moderator speaks about PETA, her own experience with the radical animal rights organisation, and PETA’s lies. » to the full video

PETA campaigns against research project ZOWIAC

Published on the Facebook page “Peta – Nein Danke” the 17.05.2022. The radical animal rights organisation PETA has taken a stand against a research project on the zoonotic and wildlife ecology effects of invasive carnivores. » to the full post

Who will protect riders from PETA?

Published on reiterjournal.com the 05.05.2022. | By: Roland Kern Increasingly, riders are being targeted by the animal rights industry, which includes the radical animal rights organisation PETA. The article takes a look at this trend. » to the full article

PETA and political lobbying

Published on gerati.de the 02.03.2022. | By: Silvio Harnos The author has taken a closer look at PETA Germany e.V.’s entry in the lobby register of the German parliament and has come across several interesting facts. » to the full article