PETA campaigns against research project ZOWIAC

Published on the Facebook page “Peta – Nein Danke” the 17.05.2022. The radical animal rights organisation PETA has taken a stand against a research project on the zoonotic and wildlife ecology effects of invasive carnivores. » to the full post

Who will protect riders from PETA?

Published on the 05.05.2022. | By: Roland Kern Increasingly, riders are being targeted by the animal rights industry, which includes the radical animal rights organisation PETA. The article takes a look at this trend. » to the full article

PETA and political lobbying

Published on the 02.03.2022. | By: Silvio Harnos The author has taken a closer look at PETA Germany e.V.’s entry in the lobby register of the German parliament and has come across several interesting facts. » to the full article