Pro Wildlife makes up horror statistics

Published on the 02.12.2007. | By: Heiko Werning Allegedly more than 700 accidents with poisonous animals in Germany each year – at least according to Pro Wildlife. The article proves that this figure is absolutely unrealistic and inaccurate. » more

Photographic identification of Cnemaspis psychedelica: A useful tool to improve the regulation of international wildlife trade

Published on the 21.12.2020. | By: Laurenz R. Gewiss, Hai N. Ngo, Mona van Schingen-Khan, Khoi V. Nguyen, Truong Q. Nguyen, Anna Rauhaus and Thomas Ziegler It is also thanks to Cologne Zoo that a new study has been conducted, which shall help to protect the psychedelic rock gecko by curbing international wildlife trade. […]

PETA campaigns against research project ZOWIAC

Published on the Facebook page “Peta – Nein Danke” the 17.05.2022. The radical animal rights organisation PETA has taken a stand against a research project on the zoonotic and wildlife ecology effects of invasive carnivores. » to the full post