A crocodile does not do much

Published on faz.net the 17.06.2021. | By: Rebecca Hahn Crocodiles might not do much, but what they do is extremely important for the ecosystem. That is why modern zoos and aquariums fight for their survival every day. » to the full article

Visiting KiRaKa Studio: Herpetologist Thomas Ziegler

Published on kinder.wdr.de the 21.01.2021. Prof. Thomas Ziegler, herpetologist and director of the Cologne Zoo Aquarium, has been a guest on the public children’s radio, where he spoke about conservation at Cologne Zoo amongst other topics. » to the article with excerpts from the radio broadcast [available until the 22.01.2022]

Pro Wildlife makes up horror statistics

Published on taz.de the 02.12.2007. | By: Heiko Werning Allegedly more than 700 accidents with poisonous animals in Germany each year – at least according to Pro Wildlife. The article proves that this figure is absolutely unrealistic and inaccurate. » more