Fruits and Veggies for Sea Lions?

Published on in May 2022. | By: Jenna Deedy Sea lions are known to eat fish. Why might they also need to eat fruits and vegetables? This article provides insights. » to the full article

Between Sea Lion Training & Bodybuilding

Published on the YouTube channel Heckules – Bodybuilding & Coaching the 20.05.2021. | By: Julian Heck In this video, bodybuilder & coach Julian Heck, who works full-time as a caretaker at Cologne Zoo, provides an insight into his day-to-day life and the training of the sea lions. » zum ganzen Video

SeaWorld Awards Executives Amid Park Closures

Published on the 14.04.2020. | By: Kai Honua 90% of SeaWorld‘s employees have been on leave without pay or healthcare services since the beginning of April, yet executives are being paid millions of dollars in bonuses. » to the full article

Den Blå Planet: How do zoo animals train?

Published on the 10.10.2021. The video provides insights into the training of the sea lions and sharks at the Den Blå Planet, the largest aquarium in Northern Europe, and explains why it is important. » to the full video