Alpenzoo worldwide with Prof. Theo Pagel

Published on the 18.11.2022. | By: Sabrina Engl & André Stadler In Tenerife, André Stadler, director of the Alpenzoo, and Cologne Zoo’s director, Theo Pagel, recorded a podcast episode about the world zoo association for the WAZA conference. » to the full podcast episode

Should We Get Rid of Zoos?

Published on the 21.01.2020. To deal with this question the article addresses the theses made by Colin Goldner from the GAP and contrasts them with those of Theo Pagel, director of Cologne Zoo. » to the full article

Director of Cologne Zoo to be head of WAZA

Published on the 28.10.2019. Prof. Theo Pagel will be leading the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) for the upcoming two years and will assume the position at the convention in Buenos Aires. » more