Visiting KiRaKa Studio: Herpetologist Thomas Ziegler

Published on the 21.01.2021. Prof. Thomas Ziegler, herpetologist and director of the Cologne Zoo Aquarium, has been a guest on the public children’s radio, where he spoke about conservation at Cologne Zoo amongst other topics. » to the article with excerpts from the radio broadcast [available until the 22.01.2022]

Prof. Thomas Ziegler and the Cat Ba Tiger Gecko

Published on the Facebook page of Citizen Conservation the 01.05.2020. In the video Prof. Thomas Ziegler from Cologne Zoo, discoverer of the species, introduces the Cat Ba tiger gecko and announces a wonderful success regarding the conservation of this species.

Cologne Zoo: Philippine crocodiles celebrate their 1st birthday

Published on Cologne Zoo’s Facebook page the 02.07.2022. | By: Anna Rauhaus & Prof. Dr. Thomas Ziegler The young Philippine crocodiles Ligaya, Mutya and Mayumi, hatched back in 2021, have celebrated their first birthday at Cologne Zoo. For the occasion, the zoo provided information on the husbandry and conservation of the species. » to the […]

Cologne Zoo: Natural breeding among the Philippine crocodiles

Published on the Facebook page of Cologne Zoo the 24.08.2021. | By: Anna Rauhaus & Prof. Dr. Thomas Ziegler Successful once again: Cologne Zoo was again able to breed Philippine crocodiles. They will be released into the wild over the next years in the Philippines. » to the publication & video