BNA on the regulation of wildlife imports

Published on the 20.10.2021. Numerous associations have rendered their opinion on a motion for a resolution of the Federal Council of Germany regarding the regulation of wildlife imports. » to the full statement

Photographic identification of Cnemaspis psychedelica: A useful tool to improve the regulation of international wildlife trade

Published on the 21.12.2020. | By: Laurenz R. Gewiss, Hai N. Ngo, Mona van Schingen-Khan, Khoi V. Nguyen, Truong Q. Nguyen, Anna Rauhaus and Thomas Ziegler It is also thanks to Cologne Zoo that a new study has been conducted, which shall help to protect the psychedelic rock gecko by curbing international wildlife trade. […]

Spectacular New Animals at Ingolstadt Zoo

Published on the 10.02.2021. Ingolstadt Zoo has received Vietnamese crocodile newts and Mangarahara cichlids for breeding, showing the strong cooperation between zoos when it comes to conservation. » to the full article