WWF aims to deceive with latest report

Published on dailymaverick.co.za the 12.11.2018. | By: Ivo Vegter The article shows how the WWF manipulated statistics in its latest Living Planet Report, to shock people, and sets things straight. » more

WWF: Ozeanium – A global concern

Published on wwf-bs.ch. | By: Dorothea de Gruyter A worthwhile article from the WWF on the topic Ozeanium in Basel. It shows that there are expert positions within the WWF, concerning aquariums.

Krefeld Zoo: Recently, among the red pandas

Published on Krefeld Zoo’s Facebook page the 18.02.2022. In this post, Krefeld Zoo reports about the romantic relations among the red pandas and a Joint Venture with the WWF relating to conservation. » to the full post