Wuppertal Zoo: Okapis to have offspring

Published on the Facebook page of the WDR Lokalzeit Bergisches Land the 20.01.2021. It will not be long before the okapis at Wuppertal Zoo give birth again. For years, they have been having offspring on a very regular basis. » to the video

Wuppertal Zoo: Loro Parque visits Aralandia

Published on the Facebook page Gemeinschaft der Zooförderer the 06.11.2020. The Conservation Officer of the Loro Parque Fundación (LPF) in Tenerife, Wolfgang Rades, has visited Aralandia at the Wuppertal Green Zoo and has received a cheque, to promote the conservation of parrots. » to the full post

Live with the elephants at Wuppertal Zoo

Published on wuppertal.de the 14.04.2020. Due to the coronavirus crisis, visitors cannot experience the elephants on site at Wuppertal Green Zoo, however, now it is possible to observe them live via webcam. » to the webcams

Wuppertal Zoo: Kids are VIPs

Published by wz.de on 27th of June in 2017. | By: Andreas Boller On the 07th July Zoo Wuppertal is housing an event, which combines playing and fun with learning so children can visist the zoo for free. » more

Elephant behavioural research at Wuppertal Green Zoo

Published on the YouTube channel of the University of Wuppertal the 01.02.2022. Wuppertal Green Zoo is an important centre for research and science. The video shows just how important the research opportunities at the zoo are to understand the behaviour of elephants. » to the full video