Animal of the week: Slow lorises at Dortmund Zoo

Published on the 26.05.2021. | By: Nadine Dömel The slow lorises are absolute stars at Dortmund Zoo and also ambassadors for conservation. Flori, for instance, has a very special history that helps visitors understand the problems that these endangered animals face in nature. » to the article & radio broadcast

Dortmund Zoo: Are bars bad enclosure boundaries?

Published on the Facebook page of Dortmund Zoo the 07.04.2021. | By: Marcel Stawinoga Bars have a poor reputation when it comes to enclosure design in zoos. This contribution critically analyses this because: bars can also benefit the animals.

Dortmund Zoo: One Year of Willi

Published on the Facebook page of Dortmund Zoo the 09.01.2021. | By: Marcel Stawinoga In this contribution, Dortmund Zoo looks back on the first year with rhino calf Willi and shows his development in a vivid video.

Dortmund Zoo: Dinner at the Rhino House

Published on the Facebook page of Dortmund Zoo the 02.11.2020. Dortmund Zoo is currently home to the oldest and the youngest rhinos in Germany – the article is about the rhinoceros grandmother Natala. » to the full post

The dirty business with smuggled monkeys

Published on the 20.12.2021. | By: Katja Derstroff Illegal smuggling, amongst other things, poses a great threat to slow lorises – the article looks at the commitment to conservation in Dortmund Zoo. » to the full article