Zoos Are Helping the Animals in Australia

Published on sueddeutsche.de the 21.01.2020. Zoos from the southwest of Germany are helping the animals in Australia, by making donations to the Wildlife Conservation Fund of the Australasian Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA). » more

Argument Contest

Published in the magazine TierparkGeschichte (issue No. 2 of 2021). | By: Alexander Pentek An article that introduces the project zoos.media against the background that zoo opponents are granted a lot of uncritical space in the media.

Beirat 5

Dr. Kerstin Ternes has been a senior veterinarian and curator for marine mammals at Zoo Duisburg since 2008. After her time at the university, she was employed at the Hagenbeck Animal Park, then at the Wildlife Safari Park Winston, Oregon (USA). Her next stop was Heidelberg Zoo, where she wrote her doctoral thesis on tuberculosis […]