Why Orcas Made Me A Better Trainer

Published on zoospensefull.com the 09.05.2021. | By: Peter Giljam In the article, animal trainer Peter Giljam reports on how positively the time as an orca trainer in Loro Parque, Tenerife, influenced & helped him. » to the full article  

Conditioning Urine Sampling

Published on zoospensefull.com the 01.12.2020. | By: Peter Giljam Urine reveals a lot about an animal’s health state – which is why it is important to regularly monitor it at the zoo. This is where animal training helps. » to the full article

Outdoor Shooting for the Animal Trainer Course

Published on atn-ag.de the 14.10.2020. | By: Annabelle Steiger A report about the shooting with renowned animal trainer Peter Giljam from Zoospensefull, whose articles loyal followers of zoos.media have often been able to read. » to the full article

Working Through Stereotypic Behaviour

Published on zoospensefull.com the 14.09.2020. | By: Grant Kother When animals come to zoos from poor husbandry, for instance, they can bring stereotypes with them. The article explains how to handle them. » to the full article

Changing Your Relationship Status

Published on zoospensefull.com the 07.09.2020. | By: Peter Giljam Good animal training is based on the relationship between human and animal. The article takes a look at how the status of a relationship can also change. » to the full article

Count Your Behaviours for More Success

Published on zoospensefull.com the 27.07.2020. | By: Peter Giljam The experienced animal trainer explains why counting behaviours makes sense and contributes to more success with animal training at the zoo, amongst other places. » to the full article

Emergency Animal Recall Training at San Diego Zoo

Published on zoospensefull.com the 15.06.2020. | By: Nicki Boyd Animals can also be trained for an emergency. San Diego Zoo is now training emergency recall behaviours with its dangerous animals, to ensure they are under control during an emergency. » to the full article