Zurich Zoo: Novelties for the big cats

Published on zoo.ch the 15.03.2023. The facility “Panterra” will bring great novelties to Zurich Zoo: a rotation system for big cats, catwalks, more space for the red pandas & an insect house. » to the full article

Zurich Zoo: New Year, New Chances

Published on blick.ch the 01.01.2023. | By: Severin Dressen 2023 is expected to be another great year at Zurich Zoo with many novelties. In the article, the zoo’s director, in person, provides an outlook on the new year. » to the full article

Zurich Zoo Initiates Pond Challenge

Published on the Facebook page of Zurich Zoo the 04.08.2022. Lots of work and a lot of heat – even zoo keepers are yearning for a cooling. Therefore, Zurich Zoo has called for a pond challenge and nominated other zoos. » to the full video

Zurich Zoo: A walk with koala Uki

Published on the Facebook page of Zurich Zoo the 04.07.2022. Special circumstances call for special measures: Because koala Uki is currently living at the quarantine station, he gets to go on regular walks through Zurich Zoo. » to the full video