Why Climate Alarmism Hurts Us All

Published on forbes.com the 04.12.2019. | By: Michael Shellenberger The author explains why climate alarmism hurts the actual cause and speaks about an often cited argument: the “tipping points”, and what they actually mean.

Journalists in the climate war

Published on bpb.de the 15.11.2019. | By: Axel Bojanowski Everyone speaks about climate, climate change and the often quoted climate crisis – but how do the media speak of it? Experts have taken a closer look at this.

Speaking about climate change – but doing it right

Published on salonkolumnisten.com the 22.08.2019. | By: Konrad Müller A lot goes wrong in the debate about climate change because of populism. However, it is particularly important, also for nature and species conservation, to speak about this topic accurately and constructively. » more

Argument Contest

Published in the magazine TierparkGeschichte (issue No. 2 of 2021). | By: Alexander Pentek An article that introduces the project zoos.media against the background that zoo opponents are granted a lot of uncritical space in the media.