Researchers in favour of dolphin husbandry

Published on the 19.08.2021. | By: Susanne Gugeler The clear majority of renowned and relevant researchers, in this matter, speaks up clearly in favour of keeping dolphins and other cetaceans in zoos and aquariums. » to the full article

TEDxHarderwijk: Loving animals to death

Published on the YouTube cannel TEDx Talks the 03.01.2018. Dolphin trainer Esther Verhoeven speaks about her experiences and dolphin keeping at zoos and aquariums in general. She also comes to speak of “Free Willy” and Keiko. » more

Baby Ula: Healthy and Happy

Written on the 5th of April in 2019. | Author: Robin De Vries, Pre-Production: Sander Gielen, Editing for Philipp J. Kroiß After her first article, the author visited orca Morgan again and met her daughter Ula. She describes her observations and interviewed the experts in Loro Parque.