How Do Dolphins Respond To Drone Noise?

Published on the YouTube channel of Dolphin Quest the 04.05.2022. Drones offer new possibilities in research to observe and study dolphins – but what do these devices trigger in the animals? How can this perhaps even distort research results? » to the full video

Dolphins: Same activities in nature and in zoos

Published on the 20.12.2021. | By: Susanne Gugeler Opponents of dolphinariums like to claim that the behaviours dolphins display in presentations are not natural. The reality is different. » to the full article

Expert: Dolphins in captivity are not under stress

Published on the 29.09.2021. | By: Laura Nancy López de Rivera Hinojosa Marine mammal expert Roberto Sánchez informs about dolphin husbandry in zoos and aquariums on the basis of the largest study on the well-being of dolphins ever to be conducted.

Are the dolphins well?

Published on the 09.09.2021. | By: Susanne Gugeler An exciting study has examined the well-being of dolphins under human care – the article looks over the results. » to the full article

Dolphins at Nuremberg Zoo

Published on the Facebook page of the Nuremberg Zoo the 01.04.2021. | By: Nicola Ohnemus Zoo guide Nicola takes visitors along on a trip to the Blue Saloon of the Dolphin Lagoon at Nuremberg Zoo and reports many interesting things. » to the full video