Nuremberg Zoo: Gastroscopy for dolphins & co.

Published on the 01.05.2023. | By: Susanne Gugeler Prof. Dr. Med. Alexander Dechêne, head physician for gastroenterology in the clinic of Nuremberg, has gifted Nuremberg Zoo a gastroscope to treat the animals. » to the full article

Dolphins: Gelatine as positive reinforcement?

Published on Loro Parque’s YouTube channel the 10.04.2023. Do the dolphins at Loro Parque receive jelly? The bottlenose dolphins at the dolphin lagoon receive gelatine, which looks very similar for good reasons. » to the full video

Dolfinarium: Dolphins have 3 vocal registers

Published on the Facebook page of the Dolfinarium Harderwijk the 05.03.2023. Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark have taken a closer look at dolphins’ vocal emissions in the Dolfinarium Harderwijk. They found something so far only known from humans and crows: three vocal registers. » to the full post and further link

Dolphins and the “Fifth Freedom”

Published on the 25.10.2022. | By: Dr Benjamin Schulz The fifth of the so-called freedoms of animal welfare describes the freedom to express natural behaviour – what does this look like for dolphins, especially under human care? » to the full article

Dolphinariums: New Mirror Tests with Dolphins

Published on the 02.10.2022. | By: Susanne Gugeler Thanks to dolphin husbandry in modern and professionally run dolphinariums, new tests have been carried out to investigate bottlenose dolphin interactions with mirrors. » to the full article

Saving dolphins is a complex task

Published on the 24.09.2022. | By: Dr. Benjamin Schulz Modern zoological institutions are also fundamental when it comes to saving animals – dolphins, for instance. The article introduces several respective projects. » to the full article