Why Orcas Made Me A Better Trainer

Published on zoospensefull.com the 09.05.2021. | By: Peter Giljam In the article, animal trainer Peter Giljam reports on how positively the time as an orca trainer in Loro Parque, Tenerife, influenced & helped him. » to the full article  

To help save orcas, pause whale watching

Published on crosscut.com the 23.11.2020. | By: Donna Sandstrom & Tim Ragen Parts of the whale-watching industry cooperate with zoo opponents, who greenwash these sometimes massively harmful enterprises, despite the detrimental effects of whale watching on ecosystems and their inhabitants. » to the full article

Measuring orca’s oxygen saturation and pulse

Published on the Facebook page of the Loro Parque Foundation the 05.03.2022. Scientists have again visited Loro Parque, and the orcas in the zoo in Tenerife are helping once again to obtain important information about orcas. In nature, this would not be possible in the same way.

Loro Parque: Who is who at Orca Ocean?

Published on zoos.media’s YouTube channel in October & November 2021. How can you tell apart and identify the orcas at Orca Ocean in Loro Parque on Tenerife? Two videos provide insights and explanations.