Import of wild animals: Save conservation!

Published on the 29.10.2021. | By: Jens Crueger & Lucas Müller A motion for a resolution to the Federal Council of Germany is causing a stir because it could massively weaken conservation – the podcast episode explains how exactly. » to the full podcast episode

Are wild animals free?

Published on’s YouTube channel the 17.09.2021. Only freedom is species-appropriate? Which freedom then? The video looks at the lives of wild animals and poses the question of whether they are actually free. » to the full video

Zoos and aquariums can help save wild animals

Published on the 31.07.2019. | By: Dr. Robin Ganzert In the article, animal welfarist Dr. Robin Ganzert explains how important modern zoos and aquariums are when it comes to saving animals and that they are embassies of nature. » more

Animal welfare in the wild and in animals under human care

Published on the YouTube channel GlobalDivingResearchInc the 26.02.2021. | By: Prof. Xavi Manteca Prof. Xavi Manteca from the Veterinary Science Department at the University of Barcelona discusses the welfare of animals under human care: how can it be objectively assessed and how can this knowledge be used to evaluate welfare in wild animals? » to the […]

Dogs kill wildlife

Published on the 12.06.2023. | By: Martin Bollmann Ignoring the obligation to keep dogs on a leash paired with poor training often results in free-roaming dogs. For wild animals, this often does not end well. Yet it could easily be avoided. » to the full article