Longing for the animals at the zoo

Published on fnp.de the 18.01.2020. | By: Sabine Schramek The author looks to Frankfurt Zoo, which is currently closed due to lockdown regulations: the animals also “miss” the visitors. » to the full article

Zoos feel strong visitor interest

Published on sueddeutsche.de the 22.05.2020. Taking the Opel-Zoo in Kronberg and Frankfurt Zoo as examples, the article shows how zoos are handling the strong visitor interest after the long shutdown. » to the full article

Zoo Francfort: departure into the future

Published on fr.de the 13.11.2018. | By: Thomas Stillbauer Francfort is currently working on the plan “Zookunft 2030+” – the concept study is funded by means of the KfW-foundation and the Zoo Francfort foundation. » more

What tasks does a zoo have?

The fact that zoological gardens try to protect endangered species from extinction through breeding programs is well known. But they also have other tasks.