Orcaweibchen Skyla am Unterwasserfenster. | Foto: zoos.media, Lizenz: Erlaubnis des Fotografen

Grief In Animals: Does An Orca Have To Be A Human With Fins For Us To Care?

Published on awesomeocean.com on 08/16/2018 | Author: Dr. Jason Bruck

The scientist Dr. Jason Bruck talks about the anthropomorphization of killer whales with especially in connection with a “grieving” orca in the wild.

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Ein Southern Resident Orca des L-Pod jagt einem Lachs nach. | Foto: Kevin Nichols, Lizenz: CC BY-SA 3.0

Note: The anthropomorphization of animals is very often considered positive by the animal rights industry and is praised as particularly empathic. However, this is much more a sign of estrangement from nature, because such a thing has nothing to do with facts or with science and fails completely.

“Humans try to empathize with the animals. However, this empathy is always illusory. Because, of course, we do not even know what is happening in another person, ie our neighbor and certainly not what happens in an animal. For that, our empathy is never free from our own fantasies and desires. It is an attempt at interpretation in which we too easily emphasize our own intentions and needs. The question “what does the other one feel now?” is still a question that we ask ourselves. What would I feel in his place now? We can not know what an animal really experiences. We take it as if it were a human. But what we feel for it is our feeling and not its. “- Prof. Dr. Jürgen Körner, social pedagogue and psychoanalyst

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