Polar Bear at Brookfield Zoo (2015) | Photo: Becker1999, license: CC BY 2.0

The impact of in‐person animal experiences on zoo visitors

Published on onlinelibrary.wiley.com the 13.08.2020. | By: Lance J. Miller, Jerry F. Luebke, Jennifer Matiasek, Douglas A. Granger, Catherine Razal, Heather J. B. Brooks & Kate Maas

The study looks at in-person experiences at the zoo as well as video-recorded animal experiences. Very clearly, the study shows that an in-person experience is extremely important.

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Note: The Zoo Scientist has created a lovely meme on the topic:

It shows how important it is to experience animals at the zoo in person and that not even modern technologies can replace this. The study also takes the wind out of the sales of the animal rights activists’ idea that animal documentaries are equivalent or even better than a visit to the zoo.

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