Breeding red kite female poisoned

Published on the 07.06.2019. A red kite nest would have probably stopped the nearby construction of a wind power plant. The local NABU chairman has a terrible suspicion.

More animal protection with OPA

Published on the 17.02.2019. | By: Susanne Gugeler The article is about the One-Plan-Approach (OPA), developed by the IUCN Conservation Planning Specialist Group (CPSG), to coordinate ex-situ to in-situ measures. » more

Beirat 6

Michael Miersch is managing director of the departments for communication and natural education at the Deutsche Wildtierstiftung. Previously, he worked as an author, columnist and journalist for major journals in science, society and politics, and wrote the scripts of numerous animal films for the german channels of ARD. In 2000, Miersch, together with co-authors and […]