Javanese monkey in the Tiergarten Mönchengladbach | Photo:

Long-tailed macaque now endangered globally

Published on the 25.07.2022. | By: Gawain Pek

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is now listing the long-tailed macaque globally as EN – this means that the species is now considered endangered.

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Note: Modern zoos have been housing this species for some time, and this case shows that also keeping species that are (still) unthreatened is very worthwhile, when they eventually do become endangered. The year before last, we were able to publish a video about the husbandry of long-tailed macaques at Mönchengladbach Zoo:

The experience gained through housing these, at the time, unthreatened animals will benefit them now that they are considered endangered.

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