Krefeld Zoo: Beekeeper Club & Apiculture

Published on’s YouTube channel the 08.09.2020. Krefeld Zoo has an exciting beekeeper club, where interested participants can learn a lot about beekeeping and insects in general. » to the full video

Krefeld Zoo Decides to Build New “Ape Park”

Published on the 23.01.2020. | By: Yvonne Brandt In the next couple of years a new project will arise at Krefeld Zoo: the Ape Park, a centre for conservation. The huge generosity regarding donations has shown those responsible, that the majority of people wish for a new great ape husbandry at the zoo. » […]

Tragedy Around Krefeld Zoo Fire

Published on the 10.01.2020. | By: Britta Kallenberg The blog article gives, with some distance from the event, an overview of the reporting around the fire at the Great Ape House in Krefeld Zoo, Germany. » more

Krefeld Zoo: How to handle a shitstorm?

Published on the 15.11.2019. | By: Jens Voos The author praises the reaction of Krefeld Zoo during a shitstorm regarding the hunt of a fox, that has taken the lives of several zoo animals. » more

Zoo Krefeld: A present for the chimpanzees

Published on the 18.12.2018. | By: Yvonne Brandt A new outdoor area, which will cost 1,9 millions, is to be build for the chimpanzees at Zoo Krefeld – this is possible thanks to the Zoofreunde Krefeld and the Dr. Harald-Hack foundation. » more

Fire at Krefeld’s Ape House is Tried Before the Courts

Published on the 15.08.2020. | By: Silvio Harnos In connection with the news, that the fire at Krefeld Zoo‘s ape house will now now be tried before the courts, the public prosecutor’s office has established that no construction laws were broken. » to the full article