Chimpanzee in Uganda | Photo: Rod Waddington, License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Krefeld Zoo: Animal rights activists criticised after dubious “report”

Published on the 24.07.2022. | By: Jens Voss

The article reflects on the criticism following the Great Ape Project‘s dubious report, also mentioning the article published on about it.

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Note: The article’s original title is slightly different, namely: “Animal rights activists attacked after criticism of Krefeld Zoo”. This is the result of the editorial department’s method of operating, which in many cases does not let authors determine the headline and/or teaser. As a result, our headline is different. Why exactly?

  1. This kind of “report” from animal rights activists is not “criticism.
  2. The real criticism was the critical reception of the “report”.

In case anybody wonders, these are the two reasons as to why the article has a different title on The article itself provides a much better and more differentiated view of how this dubious report was rightly criticised. Therefore, it is very gratifying for’s entire editorial team that our work is presented very well in the article.

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