Lolita: The old orca’s health is not improving

Published on the Facebook page of Truth4Toki the 04.05.2023. The geriatric orca Lolita, also called Tokitae or Toki, at Miami Seaquarium, is not getting any better. Her condition is only described as “stable”. However, for a transport, her health would have to improve significantly. » to the full post

Balancing the Needs of the Many with the Needs of the One Named Tokitae (Lolita)

Published on the 13.04.2023. | By: Dr Grey Stafford with Dr Jason Bruck & Shari Tarantino Is the need of some people to release Lolita, which will likely lead to her death, more important than the old orca’s need for welfare? Experts explore this question, which is currently a topic of heated discussion worldwide.

Lolita: Why the sudden change of heart Miami Seaquarium?

Published on truth4toki’s TikTok channel the 08.04.2023. Not too long ago, Miami Seaquarium explained why it was not possible to reintroduce Lolita, also known as Toki or Tokitae, or relocate her to a sea pen. Why this should suddenly no longer apply remains inexplicable. » to the full video